Moving with kids?  Involve them in the experience for an easier transition.

July 24, 2017

Moving is a stressful time for everyone – especially your kids. Involving them in the experience will be a great way to keep the stress levels down, and also reassure them, that their opinions are important. 

Let’s review the top three ways to get your kids involved in the moving process:

Bring the kids’ house hunting

This might sound a bit hectic (and to be honest, it sometimes is!), but it will go a long way in helping them feel involved, and will create excitement, for the new home.  Allowing your children to feel like they have some control, such as by listening to their opinions, is a considerate way to let your kids feel involved.  One great way to get them excited is to let them choose their bedroom, playroom or outdoor play area.  Choosing a space that is just for them will help them feel why they want to move and enjoy their new space.

A decorating trip for their new room

Another way to get the kids excited about your new home is to plan a shopping trip to pick out a paint colour, or new bedding and decor, that is just for them.  Letting your children pick their own colours, gives them a say in how they will decorate their new room and will help to make them feel at home.  Go one step further and allow the kids to pick out their very own light fixtures, rugs, pictures and accessories.  Involving them at this level will ensure they are interested in the new property and will create excitement around the new home. 

Purging and donating

Seeing everything you own packed in a box can be daunting!  It is important to add an element of fun to make the transition easier to deal with.  Donating old clothes and toys will make kids feel productive and helpful.  Start by going through their belongings, and tell them that all the toys and clothes they donate will be used by other children, and they should feel happy to be fortunate enough to contribute to a worthy cause that helps other kids.  Having a donation box for the kids to fill up will give them a project and help them purge before packing for the next location.

Moving is a big transition for the whole family, especially the kids.  Many kids worry about losing their friends and school familiarity.  To help with the transition, involve them as much as possible, and make them feel like they are part of the process from the start. 

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