Keep your kitchen updated – for $1000 or less!

July 26, 2017

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank?  No problem! There are lots of ways to update your kitchen, making it look fabulous – for under $1000.  With savvy upgrades, you will make a statement in the kitchen and can bring a real difference, to the look and feel of the space.   

Let’s start with lighting

Modern lighting makes a world of difference in any space – especially in the kitchen.  There are many styles that will fit with any kitchen decor – strong metal designs, soft and romantic lighting fixtures, industrial styles, cove lighting, hidden pot lights or chandeliers.  Once you update the lighting you will be surprised at how it pulls the whole room together.  Lighting fixtures are available at a variety of prices, with careful online research and good suppliers, you can effect a “million dollar look” without breaking the bank.  Choosing the right style to compliment the kitchen will draw in the eye creating a brilliant new focal point. 

Choose the perfect hardware

New hardware will create the wow factor that you are looking for.  A gorgeous faucet and taps, with modern features and benefits, can often add the centre piece that many kitchens lack.   Replacing the old faucet and a new brushed silver fixture, or a bold iron spigot will leave a lasting impression to be enjoyed. Extend the theme of the new hardware by replacing the handles on drawers and cupboard doors to tie the look together.  There are a variety of price points for hardware, to help you create the look you are going for, and this is another way to create a dreamy kitchen feel without embarking on a major renovation.

Countertop upgrades

If you are looking to impress – upgraded countertops are the way to go!  Replacing old counters with new countertops will eliminate stains and wear visible on the old countertops. The good news is – there’s a variety of colours and styles on the market that will suit every budget, shape and size.  Updating and brightening the countertop will instantly create a refreshed look in the kitchen, and makes a huge impression in terms of keeping the kitchen feeling fresh and modern.

New appliances for a modern look

Appliances come in all shapes and sizes – with a variety of bells and whistles.  Depending on your budget you can upgrade your fridge, stove and smaller appliances to enhance the appeal of the kitchen.  Updated appliances offer enhanced features and better reliability, and definitely add value in the event you were to decide to sell down the road.  Spoil yourself in this area – you will not regret it!  You may also be amazed at how far the features have evolved in today’s modern kitchen – from blue tooth fridges that can order food when supplies run low to dishwashers with pre-heated coils for extra sanitary cycles, you, and your kitchen, will benefit from the investment.

Giving your kitchen a facelift will give your home renewed energy.  You will feel like you are living in whole new space, and adding value at the same time.  Most importantly – have fun with it!

Before you go shopping or start tearing apart those old cupboards, please feel free to call us first.  We have excellent trades, with industry-leading discounts, who can help make your dreams a reality.

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