Wallpaper – When and Where? With designer Nazima Bacchus

April 3, 2017

Bathrooms are the one place in your home where you can get creative with decorating and design.  You can choose exceptional lighting, and unique and gorgeous fixtures and think outside the box when it comes to paint and colour.

With bathroom decor and a powder room, in particular, you can let your creative juices flow and be a little more daring.  One way to make a statement is to add wall coverings or wallpaper which is making a big comeback in 2017!

When it comes to wallpaper design choose a wallpaper that fits the size of the room.  For a smaller bathroom select an accent wall that will make an impression and really add to the vibe and feel of the space.  The wallpaper selections available now are vast and as such, it can be challenging when you are deciding which design to choose.  We turn to designer Nazima Bacchus of The Design Bar to get suggestions on which direction to go in.  Nazima comments, “If you’re looking for a wallpaper to add as an accent wall, don’t be shy to go for a textured wallpaper like grasscloth or faux leather. Not only will you add a pop of colour with the accent wall but the right textured wallpaper will add that flare that every room deserves.”

If you are stepping outside the bathroom and considering wallpaper for a full room it is best to stick to neutral colours and tone down textures as that will allow you to showcase the furnishings in the room instead of being overpowered with wallpaper.   Nazima explains, “Wallpapering all the walls with a heavy texture will overpower a room, and thinking about budget, the textured wallpaper for an entire room will add extra money to the overall costs.”

Textures are so fun to work with and they are available in so many varieties, even stone!  An inviting room always puts you in a good mood and makes you feel good about yourself so why not experiment – make your world, and your real estate, beautiful. 

Image via Rifle Paper Co.