Is the SUBURB Life for you?

September 21, 2018

At some point, we all face the choice of downtown versus suburban living – which is best for you?  The question to ask yourself is do you want to continue living the bustling downtown lifestyle OR do you want to move out of the city where there is more space? 

Great questions (and often a difficult one!)….let’s take a look at why suburb life is so fantastic – and it really is fantastic!

For those who have little ones, the GTA suburbs offer great schools – both public and private – to ensure your child gets the education that you are looking for. The neighbourhoods within the GTA and surrounding areas can easily identify the schools that best suit your child’s needs.   Along with great schools, the suburbs offer amazing (and often new!) facilities that accommodate a plethora of sporting activities for all ages. These state-of-the-art facilities provide all the modern conveniences that your family would be looking for, and then some.

Let’s talk space! Perhaps the most enticing part of living 30 mins, to an hour out of the heart of TO, is space. The luxury of space in downtown Toronto is limited at best.  Having open space on your property to entertain family and friends is a big perk.  Along with outdoor living, your home itself will likely be more spacious and include a few more bedrooms and bathrooms.  Your real estate dollar will go further allowing for room to breathe and spread out.     

TRAFFIC!  Ok, let’s get real – traffic is a huge frustration when living in the downtown core.  Moving out to a surrounding GTA neighbourhood will reduce stress levels when it comes to traffic and provide a much needed break in this department.  There will also be the option to take the GO Train into the city so you don’t have to drive or look for parking when visiting Toronto.  You can enjoy a ride on the TTC while taking in the sites and sounds of the city.

Possibly the best part about living in a GTA suburb, is you get all the enjoyment of space and convenience AND you can be in the city within an hour.  This means you can still take advantage of all that Toronto has to offer and still go out for breakfast in a restaurant that is wide enough to easily accommodate strollers.  Sounds perfect!

If you are considering a move to the suburbs we can help.  Let us review your needs and wants list to ensure we find the perfect home for you.  At Shirriff Wells, we will assist you in finding your dream home for you and your family.  Contact us anytime with questions or to review your real estate goals.  We are always here to help at