Love your space – with designer Nazima Bacchus.

February 21, 2017

Paint is a little 5 letter word that should not be intimidating, but for so many of us, it is.  Painting your house or condo is not something that can easily be reversed, which can make the commitment rather daunting.  To assist in navigating the colour wheel we have enlisted the help of designer Nazima Bacchus, from The Design Bar, to provide insight into how to choose the colour palettes that are right for you.

Navy is her recommendation for the fearless among us.  She comments, “Navy was dominant in 2016 and it will remain a strong choice for 2017.  Navy is a beautiful alternative to black when considering adding bold elements into a room in addition to some colour.” 

Green is the number one choice for the trendsetters among us.  Green is the gorgeous new colour for 2017.   Nazima comments, “ Dark forest green and Jade have become an interior design trend for 2017 home decor.  All indications point to the fact that it will remain a hot colour through the year.”  If you are a fan of green, this is your year.

Grey remains a firm fixture in the go-to category for the more conservatives among us.  Nazima remarks,  “Shades of grey will continue to be a go-to paint colour choice. The right shades of grey will speak to elegance, boldness or coziness. Grey on the walls allows the furniture colours to reign supreme in the room.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate pattern and/or texture with your greys.”

Regardless of colour choice, the goal is to create a space that is cozy and inviting.  Nazima explains, “The biggest trend (with paint) for 2017 is mixing bold, dark colours with pastel accents for a trendy, cozy and relaxing atmosphere.”  You want a space where comfort and style live in harmony.   

Whichever direction you choose to go in for 2017 – love your space!