Life Hacks That Make Moving A Breeze

December 8, 2022

Moving can be a stressful experience regardless of whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or this is your seventh home. Packing up all your belongings is a time-consuming endeavour, so before you shove all your clothes into a box and start wrapping up your grandmother’s china, let’s go through what you should keep handy as the essentials you will need for the first night in your new home.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE! Make sure you label all your boxes clearly. That way when you bring those boxes into your new home you can take them directly to the room they will be unpacked in. No sense in keeping a box labelled “bathroom” in your bedroom to slowly get unpacked bit by bit. Another tip is colour-coding the bins you’re using so you know exactly where everything goes or what is in them. You might also draw arrows to the top of each box and/or mark fragile boxes as breakable. Little things like this can make more of a difference than you might think.

Keep these 11 items with you when moving into a new home instead of packing them in with everything else.

  1. Household toolkit

I can assure you there will be a moment of “Oh, this box should be labelled fragile” or “I need tape, I forgot to close this box!” Make sure you have extra bungee cords in case your calculations got jumbled up and you can’t actually fit everything smoothly in the bed of your truck. Other items to hang on to include a screwdriver, scissors, knife, wrench, and work gloves.

  2. Wallet & purse

This seems like a simple one, but it’s common to throw your everyday essentials into a box and forget where you packed them. Make sure you have your wallet handy so your ID is easily accessible as well as your debit card. You probably won’t want to cook a full meal the night you move in, so that debit card may come in handy for a quick delivery meal if it’s not already saved in your phone. You also want to keep all your personal documents within sight so they don’t get mixed up in the move. This includes passports, birth certificates, credit cards, chequebooks, medical records, school records, and so on.

  3. Basic first aid kit

Accidents happen, especially when you have a lot of stuff on your mind. Keep bandaids, instant ice/heat packs, gauze, antiseptic wipes, gloves, tweezers, and so on within reach just in case.

  4. Electronic devices & chargers

No need to stop at a gas station for a charger if you plan accordingly! Make sure your devices are powered on to tell the rest of your family how the move went or to snap a selfie of your new home! More importantly, if you are moving to another city, you don’t want to lose those turn-by-turn directions at the last minute.

  5. Change of clothes

After a hard day of moving, you’re going to want clean clothes to throw on before going to bed. And, remember, pack extra underwear and socks! If you step in a puddle unloading that truck, you don’t want to have to slug the rest of those boxes listening to “squish, squish, squish” every time you climb the stairs.

  6. Toiletries, medication, and personal care items

Test out your new home’s water pressure by enjoying a nice hot shower after working up a sweat, or when you wake up the next morning. Include your soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, towels, and medications you take daily in a bag or box you won’t lose tabs on. Remember a shower curtain, if needed, to prevent any unwanted flooding in your new bathroom too!

  7. Kid (or pet) essentials

Moving into a strange house can be a lot for your kids or pets. Ease their transitions by bringing along comfortable items that remind them of their previous homes like their favourite toy or blanket. If you can’t find a stuffed bunny at bedtime that will only add more stress to an already trying day, and you don’t want that.

  8. Cleaning supplies

Give the rooms a good wipe down and scrub before setting up all your belongings. Focus on one room, like your bedroom, and work from there. You never know what you’ll be walking into… and it may be a bigger job than you think! Be sure to have handy paper towels, toilet paper, wipes, sponges, toilet cleaner, dish soap, baking soda for the fridge, glass and multi-surface cleaner, and so on.

  9. Bedroom basics

Make sure you have at least a pillow to sleep on. If you don’t have time to make up your bed, an air mattress, folding bed, or couch cushions will help you rest up for the following busy day ahead. Don’t forget blankets and bed sheets too!

  10. Kitchen essentials

You’d be surprised how many simple meals can be made with just a coffee maker, kettle, toaster oven, pot, frying pan, and blender. Utensils like a spatula, wooden spoon, and a can/bottle opener can also come in handy but whatever you do make sure you have a few forks, knives, and spoons. Pack easy-to-make meals, snacks, and beverages that require little-to-no preparation, and don’t forget the plates!

  11. Valuable possessions

Reduce your stress by knowing your cherished items are close to you and not in the hands of a moving company. Don’t take any chances with your fancy artwork, jewellery, collectibles, expensive electronics, and other sentimental items. These should all travel with you!

Keep this list handy so you can transition into your new home with comfort and ease. Having everything you might need at your fingertips is a smart movers’ secret to avoiding added stress. When you’re ready to sell your home and prepare for the move, give Shirriff Wells Real Estate a call. We will ensure that you get top dollar for your home, while also getting your new home at the right price. Consider us your guide on this exciting real estate journey.