How do I sell in this market?  We’re so glad you asked!

February 14, 2018

Despite what you are hearing in the news, the days of bidding wars are not completely over.  The demand has shifted and where there was once an abundance of interest in the freehold/low rise market, this segment, in many GTA areas, continues to see subdued demand.  On the flip side, the market is still experiencing strong demand for condominium inventory. 

The 416 area code has not lost its lustre, the shiny objects have just been somewhat rearranged.  Selling in this market should be done with the careful assistance of your real estate professional.  If you are considering bringing your home to market, please contact the Shirriff Wells team so we can source and share the most recent and relevant market information with you.

The spring real estate market is approaching, and the volumes and velocities of sales can change literally week-to-week.  We will keep you updated and advise on your current market conditions so you won’t miss a beat.  The media and online sources are generally reporting on data that is two months old so it may no longer be relevant to your situation.  As real estate professionals, we have access to daily statistics.  We will ensure that you are kept informed, and aware of market trends, to properly position yourself to maximize your value and outpace your competition.

Pricing strategy is one of the most important parts of building a successful selling strategy.  Pricing a home is akin to art as much as it is a science.  To maximize your property value, and sell with minimal hassle, a property needs to be positioned to be sold within a reasonable time frame.  What does reasonable mean?  Well, it depends on a number of factors and the market conditions at the time of listing.  The variance can be as wide as six days to six months depending on the time of year, location, current conditions and competition.  The one factor to keep in mind is that the longer the property is kept on the market the more negotiation power the buyer has.  With our guidance, the proper pricing will create serious interest in your property and generate an offer.            

Contact us today, and we will be happy to provide you with a tailored review of value, and a competitive pricing strategy that will be a successful sale of your property.  We are looking forward to connecting with you very soon!