The Art of Hanging Pictures – with Kyoto Inoue from The Design Bar

May 3, 2017

When it comes to hanging pictures in your home, there is definitely a science to it! To get the angles and shapes to blend seamlessly you have to make sure the proportions are correct and pleasing to the eye.

Working out the best proportions and layouts is akin to a well-studied science. We turn to designer Kyoto Inoue of The Design Bar to learn the dimensions that work best together. Thinking first of bedroom space Kyoto suggests, “When you want to hang pictures on a wall in your bedroom you definitely want to go with bigger pictures to balance the size of the bed – one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the house.” She continues to explain, “The dimensions that I would recommend are 24 x 30 within a 32 x 40 frame. This size balances well with a queen or king bed and will make the room feel complete.”

In 2017. the “gallery look” is very popular. This style allows the display of multiple pieces of art or collections of photographs. Kyoto comments “If you prefer multiple pictures hanging on a wall, a 24 x 30 frame along with 24 x 10 frames on either side always looks gorgeous and fills the space well.” There is also the option to incorporate multiple smaller frames that fit in the same dimensions.

In general, when choosing wall art for your home, matching as many aspects as possible will ensure the artwork blends in from one room to the next. You will want to make sure you match the colour scheme of your walls to the colours in the art for a seamless blend of the walls. The colours don’t have to match exactly – they should just be from the same colour palette. If there are multiple pieces of artwork in the same room choosing art in similar styles, or from similar time periods, will ensure there is flow within the space.

When deciding on your artwork to showcase your real estate you want to make sure the entire space lives in harmony. We can help you whether you are buying, selling or making a decor change. Contact us at Shirriff Wells for all your real estate needs – we are here to help!