Driving up your curb appeal

March 31, 2014

Is your home’s first impression being hindered by a bland driveway or an eyesore of a walkway? If so, it might be time to kick-start your curb appeal with a few upgrades. From repairing to repaving, a little attention to your home’s entryway can go a long way when it comes to wowing visitors, not to mention potential home buyers.

Revitalize with Repairs

The easiest way to enhance your walkway and driveway is with some simple repairs and resurfacing. Repair cracks with rubberized asphalt crack filler or pourable grout. When dry, pour water over the surface to ensure it is angled in such a way that the water runs off, as standing water is the most common cause of cracks. Once complete, coat with an appropriate sealer and your driveway will look like new again.

Pave the Way to Wow

An asphalt driveway is relatively inexpensive and is less prone to cracks and heaving than concrete. Add eye appeal to an asphalt driveway by lining it with a row of trees, shrubs or other greenery, or by adding a decorative lamp post for aesthetic appeal day and night.. Alternatively, a brick or cobblestone driveway costs more but can add a lot of elegance to your home’s entryway.

Go for Gravel

If paving isn’t in your plans, adding crushed gravel to a dirt driveway is always an option. Gravel is great for bringing definition to your driveway, especially if you change its contour by adding an inviting curve. For a more formal appearance consider coloured gravel: blue-grey, red or white. Edge a small stone gravel driveway with bricks for a finished look.

Talk with Your Walkway

If the entryway to your front door could speak, it should say “welcome”. Transform it with stained or stamped concrete pavers, stone, flagstones or brick. A curved walkway provides a natural, meandering feeling while a straight one is more directional. Embellish a short straight walkway with a row of bricks or pavers on either side and soften with ground cover overflowing the edges or line with low-lying, attractive plants.

Neat and Tidy Gets Noticed

No room for a driveway or walkway renovation in your budget? Keep things looking good by removing unsightly weeds. Trim grass edges for a neat, cared-for appearance. A couple of large pots, overflowing with bright flowers leading up to your front door create a pleasing, welcoming feature.

Curb appeal is paramount for showcasing not only your property’s individuality but to tell prospective buyers that your home is as well-maintained inside as it is outside.